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Aligned Studios leverages global resources to future-proof your business and accelerate your growth. We add value to your on-going processes and architectural design services by helping you restructure and reorganize resources to help you reap in the benifits, while reducing risks.

Every day, we work with clients and colleagues to build capabilities, leadership skills, and better outcomes—at every level, for every opportunity. The key to our client service is a combination of our people, rigorous problem solving, industry and functional expertise, and the tools to support execution and make change happen.


Innovate. Impact. Inspire.

Collaborative Strategy

We believe in taking a multi-dimensional approach by collaborating with experts from allied fields. Our team bridges the design strategy and inputs from these expert consultants, with the architectural design services, construction plans, and interior design to provide a cohesive solution. Multi-disciplinary global teams, collaborating on projects is going to be the norm in the coming years, and Aligned Studios is leading the way.


    By leveraging the latest data and technology, Aligned Studios innovates to provide you with solutions. Our team is regularly trained in the developments in the market and updates to advanced tools, especially BIM, to stay ahead of the curve. As the real and digital worlds overlap, our technological strength becomes your advantage. We have the capabilities to incorporate the Internet of Things(IoT) into your built spaces.


    Our people are central to our approach, and thus, we put the end user first during every stage of the project life cycle. Through research and community surveys, we strive to understand the users and build a relationship with them. Function and form go hand-in-hand. The aim is to design an environment that will be seamless with its purpose, aid the users in their activities and become an integral influence in shaping their lives positively.


    Aligned Studios is committed to designing responsibly for a healthier and safe future of our planet and all its residents. Every team member ensures that all projects follow the principles of sustainable and ecofriendly design. Not only are our designs environmentally conscious, but also the business strategy we adapt for our clients is built on the concept of sustainable growth and adaptability to market uncertainities and future technological changes.

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