Customized integration & value-addition

The one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work anymore. All architecture design firms have a variety of unique factors that affect their growth, and we are prepared for all forms of uncertainties.

It’s simple: when you partner with Aligned Studios, we become an extension of your team. Business and technology consulting, team augmentation or a design partnership, we are with you every step of the way. Our solutions are integrated into your existing processes.

Steps we follow:

Align: Examine your firm’s needs and existing processes to provide solutions

Augment: Supplement your teams with technical and technological support

Accelerate: Deliver high-performance results and adapt to your expanding business

Community oriented

Built design has the power to impact society and the economy. Our process is driven by a global team of design thinkers who are trained to focus on the needs and expectations of communities as a whole.


BIM is the biggest revolution in the field of engineering, construction and architecture design firms, and we are leaders in BIM Modelling, BIM Coordination, BIM Engineering and BIM Management.


We are nothing if not particular about quality in every step of the project. With quality control systems in place, our work surpasses global standards. This excellence is part of our relationship with you.


I’ve never worked with a global team before, how does that work?

The world has shrunk and global companies are slowly taking over. We make it easy for you to have a global presence through our carefully laid out plans, processes and business solutions. Let’s chat to discuss in detail.

Do you offer project-based or on-going consulting services?

We believe in building lasting relationships. Our plans are customised based on client needs and goals.

How does this ensure growth for our company?

We solve complex probelms and offer innovative business solutions for architecture design firms and other AEC firms. We would love to get on a call to explain the entire process to you. Get in touch with us here.

Which industries do you cater do?

We have expertise in multiple functions and industries within the Architecture, Engineering & Construction realm. Check them out here.

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