Client Success


Our success is built upon supporting the growth of others

We are honored to partner with some of the leaders in the AEC business. Our clients benefit from our interdisciplinary insights, technical know-how and unleashed human potential.

As a fast growing start-up we thrive on refining our processes rapidly through phases of trials and cyclical feedback in a fast evolving industry. The trust and confidence by our clients is a testimony of their good faith and resilience of the work we put in together.

Cases Studies

Growth in team size


Increase in number of projects in a year


A mid-sized firm in the southeast of the country expanded to two new asset classes and tripled their multi-family projects in the span of 1.5 years with Aligned Studios

Florida based architecture firm that specialized in Multifamily projects, leveraged Aligned Studios to get their foot in the door for Hospitality and Healthcare sector projects, which were booming in 2020. With 3 months underway, and the realization of the collaboration – we helped them venture into a new vertical for their animation business. Now a booming business in multiple asset classes, it is to the client’s credit and forward thinking and management style they are the leading Design Firm in their City. The foundational relationship that we have set up together, continues to grow their firm and subsequently our partnership. 

Increase in firm's locations


An architecture firm worked with Aligned Studios to take on more work and bolstered their presence in another market and a new location.

A firm with offices in multiple cities revisited a path taken from the past to discover the value Aligned Studios brings to the collaboration. Our client grew their global and local presence by taking on more work and establishing their presence in their new office location by leveraging our resources and strategies. The firm continues to grow exponentially thanks to their futurisitic vision, risk-taking approach and the partnership developed with us.  

Our mission is to help business leaders in the AEC sector take their enterprises to new heights